local authorities

Local Authorities

Improve Safety, Raise Standards and Promote Awareness

CoffeeSafe specialise in applying Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000 within the coffee industry. We are uniquely placed to utilise our strong relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, engineers and Local Enforcing Authorities to Improve safety, Raise standards and Promote awareness.

We enjoy a good relationship with the local councils providing discussion and training videos to ensure they have accurate information to help assist them once they are onsite.

We are here to support both the local councils in enforcing the Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000 and the primary duty holders ensuring they are 'Thinking Safety First' and compliant with Approved Code of practice L122.

We are always happy to share our experience and knowledge for applying PSSR to the coffee industry.

Although the regulations can appear complex at times, a start point is to merely JUST ASK.

'Enforcement Promotes Safety'