Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000 for Local Authorities

PSSR 2000 for Local Authorities

Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000

This Local Enforcing Authority (L.E.A) tailored Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) awareness, discussion and certificated training session provides attendees with a renewed understanding of coffee machines involvement in PSSR.

We will look into historic and recent coffee machine explosions and hold an interactive discussion on the safety of coffee machines in the hospitality sector.

The attendees will benefit from this course by refreshing and adding to their knowledge and experience of PSSR and the legal requirement for coffee machines to comply with this legislation.

The session includes:

  • Coffee machine safety risks and explosions
  • Recap of PSSR 2000
  • Interactive discussion
  • The importance of PSSR enforcement
  • How we can help
  • Questions and Answers

How will the session run?

The session will be delivered in person by an IOSH approved trainer and will take approximately 2 hours, this can be delivered at your council premises, alternatively it can be delivered at CoffeeSafe's head office in Liversedge.

Every attendee will be provided with a PSSR awareness certificate. This is a great addition to your continual professional development (CPD).