Helping Businesses Like Yours

CoffeeSafe has partnerships with several nationwide coffee machine service providers and manufacturers with the engineering capacity to support multi-site operators such as yours.

They can install, maintain and carry out the required statutory examinations in accordance with a CoffeeSafe certified Written Scheme of Examination.

Consider the impact of a serious accident caused by the failure of a coffee machine’s steam system. As well as the potential injury to staff and customers, there are financial implications and brand reputation to consider.

CoffeeSafe is working hard to proactively improve safety standards, which is an integral part of our business, drawing on over 30 years’ experience in pressure system safety to develop a fast, efficient and cost effective system for the delivery of statutory examination reports and Written Scheme of Examinations as well as back office administration.

The CoffeeSafe solution works by providing nationwide coverage, local service and expert knowledge.

Using the CoffeeSafe solution you can improve your quality and increase profitability in a number of key areas.

  • Removing the need for 3rd party inspection engineers
  • Reduce the time your machine is out of service
  • Access to established engineers that have successfully completed IOSH approved training
  • Schedule the service and examinations to suit your business
  • Every report is independently audited by a Health and Safety professional of the CoffeeSafe team
  • The CoffeeSafe portal can build a database of your Coffee machines that will give you access to all of the Written Schemes of Examination 24/7, giving you complete control
  • Telephone helpline and advice on the regulations and on-going support from the CoffeeSafe team

Feel safe in the hands of coffee industry professionals.