Imminent Danger

Action in case of imminent danger

In the event of Action in case of imminent danger, you can feel confident as part of the CoffeeSafe partnership that we will work together to ensure Imminent danger is removed and managed by the enforcing authority.

The Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) Regulation 10 – Action in Case of Imminent Danger describes the sequence of events for reporting imminent danger to an Enforcing Authority.

The aim is the clarify the actions taken by the CoffeeSafe Service Provider and CoffeeSafe in the event of being notified of a case of imminent danger.

Regulatory Guidance

The Regulatory Guidance is published within Reference 1 and is summarised within Paragraph 143:

(a) The competent person immediately produces a written report identifying the system and specifying the repairs, modifications or changes required and gives it to the user/owner.

(b) The user/owner ensures that the system (or, if the report only affects a discrete part of the system, that part) is not operated until the necessary repairs, modifications or changes have been carried out.

(c) The competent person sends a written report to the relevant enforcing authority within 14 days.

(d) The competent person produces a report of the examination under the written scheme (regulation 9) and sends it to the user/owner within 28 days.