The CoffeeSafe package includes:

  • An IOSH approved "Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000" training course for all engineers, delivered by us, as part of the induction to the whole partnership package.
  • A turnkey software solution for the recording of machine data that will produce, provide and store written schemes and examination reports online – all branded with your logo.
  • Registration of coffee machines online.
  • Using the registration details CoffeeSafe produces the initial WSE as required by Regulation 8, PSSR 2000.
  • Auditing of reports by our own engineering team to identify errors or omissions prior to them becoming available online - covering the requirements of the "Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000".
  • On-site auditing of service engineers with a detailed findings and observations report
  • When the examinations are due, your engineer carries out the statutory examination and reports their findings to the CoffeeSafe online system. Examination reports are produced and the next examination date set.
  • Back offce management of scheduling examinations, monitoring the quality of reports and our engineers providing key performance indicators via CoffeeSafe to your managers.
  • Telephone helpline for advice on the regulations plus support on reporting and written schemes.
  • Customer access to online data, written schemes and examination records.

Helping businesses like yours


Gary Diggett - Technical Director, Cimbali UK

"Everyone involved has benefited from this intelligent, cloud-based system. CoffeeSafe has proved a much more resourceful way for our PSSR Examiners to produce examination reports, in turn allowing more efficient delivery to our customers. The time and cost savings we’ve made as a result of these efficiencies have enabled us to employ more engineers and subsequently expand the business."

Costa Express

Costa Express

"CoffeeSafe allows us to move away from a paper based exercise and provides live information on our estates compliance to the PSSR 2000 requirements. CoffeeSafe is a brand recognised by numerous large organisations within the coffee industry, and pioneers simple and safe schemes of inspection and testing of pressure systems and provides us with a simple online solution for field staff to complete the written scheme of examination and easy visibility for our partners."

Backup Coffee and Service Ltd

Carlos Machado, Backup Coffee and Service Ltd

"CoffeeSafe have exceeded our expectations when delivering training for the IOSH accreditation and certification on 'Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000'. Combined with the ongoing professional support, we have made the right choice as a company, ultimately improving on knowledge and passing the benefits to our client base."

Field Service Solutions Ltd

Kris Gibson - Managing Director, Field Service Solutions Ltd

"Having been involved with Coffeesafe from very early on I cannot be more appreciative to Stephen, Marc and the team for driving Coffeesafe to where it is today. Coffeesafe has enabled our National Team of engineers to be far more proactive to our new and existing customers. The process has enabled us to move away from the complexity involved with the old ways of working which negatively impacted both the service teams and the end user. Coffeesafe has proved extremely agile and allowed us to become more system based which ties in efficiently with our service management platform. Being IOSH approved has also given a significant amount of credibility and confidence to a new way of working which has been long in coming in a fast developing service sector. We are now able to offer a one stop shop for all planned activity which has only received positive feedback from our customers. The team at Coffeesafe have provided us with fast, accurate and professional support as well as being open to continuous improvement and driving improved standards."

Extreme Coffee

Keith Smith - Extreme Coffee

"As an engineering-based Company, our relationship with CoffeeSafe has helped greatly in reinforcing and supporting our mission to provide a full, professional, technical service for our clients. The PSSR 2000/IOSH training and support from CoffeeSafe have been second to none and the facility to complete online submissions serves to simplify and expedite our administration function. We have found that our links with CoffeeSafe have further enhanced our perception within the industry in addition to our relationships with clients who also enjoy the benefit of a more cost- effective solution to what represents a crucial element of their Health and Safety procedures. Having worked with CoffeeSafe for over a year, we look forward to developing our on-going relationship and to working with other CoffeeSafe Members to ensure the highest standards are met in this ever-growing industry."

Espresso Service Ltd

Martin Crump – Director, Café Clinic Ltd

"It has always been an extremely difficult task for both us and the client when trying to arrange for our engineer and the insurance surveyor to attend site at the same time. In most cases, it has also been very costly for the client having to pay for both the engineer and surveyor. Now, in partnership with CoffeeSafe, it allows us to carry out pressure vessel examinations without the requirement for a surveyor. This cuts costs dramatically for the customer and makes arranging appointments far easier. It also gives us the opportunity to carry out scheduled maintenance during the same visit which is another huge cost saving for the client. As well as more flexibility for everyone involved and the cost saving for our clients, most importantly it ensures machinery is safe to use and compliant to PSSR 2000 regulations. What impresses me the most about CoffeeSafe is that unlike other similar organisations I’ve experienced, CoffeeSafe are absolutely dedicated to making sure the necessary work is carried out thoroughly and correctly."

Universal Espresso Care

Stuart Menges - Universal Espresso Care

"An excellent course, truly professional and I believe essential if working within the coffee industry. Even if an individual does not go on to examine machines, it is certainly a great wakeup call and reminder of responsibilities."

Estech Coffee Service

Darren Turner - Estech

"For many years Estech have been assisting insurance companies with boiler examinations. This has always been a nightmare to organise for the customer and us. Since being in partnership with CoffeeSafe we are able to provide our customers a much faster and greater level of hassle free service."


Jasmine Austin – Operations Manager, Coffix

"CoffeeSafe is an excellent service that gives our engineers the qualifications and the knowledge to make sure that all the equipment they attend is healthy and safe for our customers to use. It allows us not only to give our customers the reassurance that their equipment complies with PSSR 2000 regulations, but to give them the obvious bonuses of a smaller bill and less downtime, as we are able to carry out all our scheduled maintenance at the same time, at a time that suits them. The CoffeeSafe team are very knowledgeable and great at what they do. With their help we have been able to expand and improve our service offering nationwide."


Matt Holland - Melco Coffee Services

"Melco Coffee has been working with CoffeeSafe since 2015 and have really found the benefits of working together help grow and drive our company forward and leaving ourselves and our customers safe in the knowledge that their machine complies with the latest requirements."

Lakes Coffee Services

James Hutchinson - Lakes Coffee Services

"What a pleasure to work alongside CoffeeSafe. The most comprehensive coffee boiler inspection format I have come across run by friendly and experienced professionals with a genuine interest in the coffee industry."

Jactwist Coffeefix

Daniel Copeman - Jactwist Coffeefix

"We are extremely happy to have CoffeeSafe as our Service Partner. They are extremely professional in their approach to ensuring the highest standards of Steam Boiler Examinations."

Coffee World

Dean El-Behnaihy - Coffee World

"Working in partnership with CoffeeSafe has made the whole process of carrying out a PSSR inspection and reporting so much easier. Being able to offer our customers 24/7 access to their reports and service history is a great selling point and great for creating a maintenance history. Having CoffeeSafe on hand with any queries we might have in regarding to the PSSR 2000 regulations is always reassuring for us as a company. CoffeeSafe has been brilliant working in partnership with Coffee World since 2016."

Beandoctor Ltd

John Hammans - Director, Beandoctor Ltd

"I am delighted to be affiliated with CoffeeSafe who are a very professional, friendly and knowledgeable company. Having used other organisations’ written schemes in the past, I feel reassured and confident using this well thought out and comprehensive inspection regime backed up by a well qualified and experienced team."

Miko Coffee Ltd

Andrew Meaden - Commercial Manager, Miko Coffee Ltd

"CoffeeSafe have provided us with a much needed tool to record, monitor and review the PSSR inspections being carried out throughout our customer base. Their support and online system has solved the three major problems we were encountering with regards to PSSR; Firstly, it gives us the ability to carry out inspections independently of an on-site, third-party insurer. One fewer link in this chain means a far slicker, dynamic process for our customers, coordinators and field engineers alike, allowing us to book an inspection as though it were any other job. With CoffeeSafe’s online portal, we are able to see a clear overview of all upcoming, current and past inspections carried out, along with all the supporting documentation, certificates and equipment information. Finally, all of this online information is available to our customers directly. We can provide personal logon details to give our customers easy access to their own reports and certificates. This is ideal for multi-site operators who demand visibility at all times and also saves admin traffic through to our offices – win-win! Overall I’m delighted with the service and support which CoffeeSafe have provide us over the last 12 months. It has increased our efficiency as well as the service our customers receive… I can’t fault it."